Twitter Ends Broad Work-at-Home Policy as FTC Threatens


Elon Musk has ended the broad work-at-home policy instituted during COVID. He will allow special cases that must be approved by him. This follows his firing of 3700 employees and a huge drop in revenue as large WOKE companies pause ads. The companies are allegedly concerned that hate will return to the platform, although plenty of leftist hate and threats are on the platform now.

He ordered all employees back to the office. Staff is required to work a minimum of 40 hours.

Some staff resigned, including trust and safety head Yoel Roth, who has made it clear in tweets that he is biased against Republicans.

On Wednesday, Musk and Yoel Roth tried to reassure ESG-WOKE companies that paused ads. Deutsche Bank, Chevron, Nissan, Air Canada, and Audi were included on the call. According to Associated Press, the American outdoor equipment retailer REI also attended. They said after the call that its ads were still paused.


The FTC and Joe Biden have threatened Twitter with investigations. [If he doesn’t continue banning Republicans as in the past, these power brokers will likely try to investigate him into bankruptcy].

In their absence, employees are being encouraged to “self-certify” the platform is running in compliance with privacy laws, according to a report from the Verge on Thursday. Breaking these laws could result in billions of dollars in fines. This comes after Twitter reached a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission in May over privacy issues, under which it must perform privacy reviews before making product changes. The report suggested Musk had already “bypassed its standard data governance processes” relating to changes, and an internal lawyer told workers to seek whistleblower protection “if you feel uncomfortable about anything you’re being asked to do,” according to the Verge.

This opens the door for disgruntled employees to file illegitimate complaints.


The company has begun rolling out Twitter Blue, its new subscription service, in the UK. Users who pay £6.99 a month get a blue tick next to their username. They also get early access to forthcoming features such as bookmark folders. Musk hopes that Twitter Blue will reduce the company’s reliance on advertising.

Apple forced him to go back on a promise to adjust pricing on international Twitter Blue according to purchasing power.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
2 months ago

Funny how those ‘companies’ cite hate yet they all put into practice KKKJoe Biden’s discrimination and ‘real segregationists’ (Biden’s own words) against others—all while posting laughable and hypocritical ‘non-discrimination policy’ on their websites. Boycott all.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 months ago

This is fun. Hate was prevalent in the previous twitter, that was hate of free speech, exposure of covid lies, America, exposure of election crimes, and so on.

Those poor woke employees have to drive in an hour from their tiny 2 bedroom $500,000 condos with 50 year loans. Or, they can travel less from their $3500 a month studio apartments.

2 months ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Everyone is laying off in High Tech. They are about to find how the “old timers” felt back in ’99 when the last Tech Bubble burst.

2 months ago

What ever happened to Employees Breaking Laws going to Jail? I think Musk is moving the right direction making it more of a Fee Service than relying on advertising. People want too much free stuff.