Twitter & FB lets fake vaccine news stay up — Farrakhan’s fake news


Farrakhan is an anti-vaxxer and has struck the fear of God in his adherents over the vaccine and he has done it with lies. He is just clearly making up things about the vaccine, posting it to social media, and Facebook and Twitter have done nothing about it.

Is it because he’s Black or because he’s Muslim or far-left or all of the aforementioned? Maybe it’s the friends he keeps?

Crazy Kweli with his friend anti-white, anti-semite, anti-American Louis Farrakhan.
Marc Lamont Hill with his hate-filled friend Louis Farrakhan
2005, Barack Obama with Farrakhan
Keith Ellison handing out Farrakhan literature.
Racist Louis Farrakhan being hugged by several Democratic representatives.

Farrakhan called the vaccine a “vial of death.”

“Now variants are popping up here and there, making null and void what you call your vaccine,” Farrakhan says in a video on social media. “I have friends that are turning because I told them not to take this vaccine. You cannot disprove what we have said.”

Farrakhan’s message continues, “By rushing so fast to get something out, bypassing normal steps in a true vaccine, now God is going to turn your vaccine into death in a hurry.”

Other speakers featured in the video speak out against the vaccine, saying it has killed over 900 people. Twitter has allowed the tweet to remain.


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