Twix Candy Bar Wants Your Little Boy to Wear a Dress


Mars is selling Twix to kids with a message in their Internet ad below. The message is that a transvestite boy in a Princess dress is perfectly normal as is the demonic witch watching out for him. When a normal little boy makes fun of him, she kills him.

Transvestites and devil witches are normal and good, questioning it is bad, that’s the message.

It doesn’t get dumber than this ad and Mars is serious about it. The company is now so powerful, that they want the wheels to come off the culture.
They don’t need to please you, just the government. They are phenomenally wealthy monopolies that don’t need you, and they want The Great Reset.

They are deconstructing society so they can control you and me.

Watch this thing and don’t buy the product:

The abominable gender propaganda doesn’t stop there!

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