Two children shot ahead of Chicago’s historically deadliest weekend


Two little girls were shot on Thursday in Chicago. Little 9-year-old Mikyla James was shot in the head while riding in the back seat of a car. Presumably, she was not the intended target. Just hours earlier, a 1-month-old infant was shot in a hail of gunfire that injured four other people. Both girls are in critical condition. As usual, no arrests have been made.

Of particular concern is that these shootings took place ahead of what is historically the deadliest weekend in Chicago. Previous Independence Day holidays have seen some of the worst gun violence in Chicago.

This does not bode well for the beleaguered city following the shooting of 78 people last weekend. Ten of those people died.

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown announced he is switching his officers to 12-hour shifts with no days off and ordering extra patrols. Brown faces scrutiny from the Chicago City Council as shootings outpace last year’s staggering totals. “Public safety of our city is an important, serious matter,” said Mayor Lightfoot.

Ironically, this is the same mayor who considered defunding the police.

Chicago is bracing for a violent weekend since the 4th of July falls on Sunday. Weekends already tend to be the deadliest part of the week in Chicago. Then add to that the Independence Day holiday and rising summer temperatures and you have the potential for a deadly trifecta.

Violent riots and protests broke out nationwide following the death of 4-time convicted felon George Floyd in Minneapolis. But following the shooting of two little girls in Chicago, Black Lives Matter remains silent and absent.

It seems there will be no “social justice” for the citizens of Chicago. Certainly, there will be no justice for two innocent little girls caught in the violent crossfire of the Democrat-run city.

So, which black lives matter?

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Paranoid Android Unplugged Single
Paranoid Android Unplugged Single
2 years ago

MAGA country. Oh…wait.
The guns and bullets are racist?