Virginia DoE eliminates biological sex practices in schools




  • Eliminate gender-based practices

  • End gender-based homecoming/prom court

  • Cancel events like “Father-Daughter Dances”

  • Overnight lodging for field trips based on gender identity, not biological sex.


Virginia’s Department of Education is urging school districts in the state to work to end as many sex-segregated activities and programs as possible, Just the News first reported.

The reason is to accommodate the extremely small number of transgender students.

The department’s Model Policies for the Treatment of Transgender Students in Virginia’s Public Schools, passed by the legislature and signed by Governor ‘Coon man’ Northam orders the Department of Education to develop policies that “are consistent with but may be more comprehensive than” the state-level guidance.

The document offers guidance and advises that “in general, school divisions should make efforts to eliminate gender-based practices to the extent possible.”

“Gender-based policies, rules, and practices can have the effect of marginalizing, stigmatizing, and excluding students, regardless of their gender identity or gender expression,” it states, citing “practices that may be based on gender” such as “grouping students for class activities, gender-based homecoming or prom courts, limitations on who can attend as ‘couples’ at school dances, and gender-based events such as father-daughter dances.”

And what damage does it do to students who are normal and have to pretend gender doesn’t exist? That is what the school is requiring. They are wiping out biological reality.

They also want trips with lodging for students aligning with their identity as opposed to biological sex.

Transgenders can also compete in sports with the sex they identify with.

The guidance, meanwhile, states that “local school boards shall adopt policies consistent with model policies contained in this document no later than the 2021-2022 school year,” which in Virginia begins in early September.


This is mass indoctrination, and people aren’t using their common sense. Destroying traditions and culture under the guise of meeting the needs of people who are gender dysphoric is illogical nonsense.

There are two genders — male and female. Transgenders are not changing their gender, they are changing some of their physical characteristics. Changing the entire heterosexual community to meet the needs of a small number of people with gender dysphoria is a warped ideological concept.

Ask yourself why they are doing it? Think for yourself. This is social engineering by some very authoritarian ideologues.

Think about the illogic of this.

And ask yourself why the Obama administration and now the Biden administration gives LGBTs special protected status when they come in illegally.

It’s great to be proud of being LGBTQ…and have a parade:

But if you are proud to be heterosexual and parade, you are a bigot, dangerous, and must be banned. That makes no sense.

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