Two Firebomb Throwing NYC “Lawyers” Being Treated LOTS BETTER Than Jan. 6th Defendants


Two Firebomb Throwing NYC “Lawyers”

Being Treated LOTS BETTER Than Jan. 6th Defendants

In May, during the BLM riots of 2020, surveillance footage captured Urooj Rahman tossing a Molotov cocktail at an unoccupied NYPD vehicle parked near the 88th Precinct in Brooklyn and then fleeing in a tan minivan. Colinford Mattis was the getaway driver.

Ms. Rahman wearing her Palestinian jihadi scarf.

Cops chased the pair and, while placing them under arrest, noticed equipment used to build the bombs.  That deadly stockpile included a lighter, a bottle filled with toilet paper, a liquid believed to be gasoline, and a tank filled with gasoline.  We can guess their treacherous night’s work was only beginning.

Mattis, 35, a corporate attorney, and Rahman, 33, a human rights lawyer, were initially looking at a 40-year mandatory minimum count and life imprisonment.

In October 2021 the government dialed that charge way back. Based on an October 2021 Brooklyn federal court hearing which involved Mattis and Rahman each pleading guilty to one count of possessing and making a destructive device, the feds switched to a 10-year sentence with terrorism enhancement.

But the dramatic reduction in time to be served behind bars has continued apace.  As of May 12, 2022, we’ve learned federal prosecutors actually recommended these two firebombers get as little as 18-24 months in jail.

Are these attorneys working for the same federal government that has Jan. 6th protesters, none of whom we can remember throwing Molotov cocktails at anything or anybody, locked up for months?

We’ll let Patrick J. Lynch, President of the New York City PBA help put all this in perspective.

“It’s bad enough that these dangerous criminals have been allowed to sit at home for the past two years. Handing them a below-guidelines sentence would give a green light to other anti-police radicals who seek to advance their cause through violence. The judge must reject this request.”

Equal justice under the law?  We ask – you decide.

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