Tyranny against a California restaurant owner


A Ventura, California restaurant owner was forced to close because he had voluntary outdoor dining on Friday night in protest. Governor Newsom and Mayor Garcetti are tyrants who go way too far. Their enforcers came down on him, claiming Newsom’s and Garcetti’s arbitrary rules are the law.

Meanwhile, those two release prisoners mindlessly and allow rioters and looters to escape all accountability. When will we reject this CCP-style tyranny?

Anton Van Happen, who has also appeared on Tucker’s show, refused to shut his restaurant down when ‘health inspectors’ came by Friday night and told him they had to do it – right before Christmas. He’s worried about his employees and wants to stay open.

More COVID enforcers came by yesterday to issue him a closure order, and he lost it.

All he did was put tables and chairs outside for a protest Friday Night and served all of his food to go.

If anyone sat in the tables and chairs, it was their prerogative to do so, not his instruction.

He said the health department told him that he could leave his chairs and tables out as a protest. However, that night, two officials came by and issued him a closure order.

Anton brought his tables and chairs back inside but remained open.

They came by yesterday and threatened to revoke his health permit if he continued to defy the closure order.

Anton made the point that next door to him, a clothing store can put their clothing racks outside for people to shop at, but he’s not allowed to have outdoor dining.

He says it makes no sense that they think COVID won’t get passed while shopping for clothes, but it will get passed with people eating outdoors. Anton says it feels like nothing more than a power trip at this point.


After the public health inspectors left Anton’s restaurant ‘Nick The Greek,’ someone who was watching his Livestream of the altercation called in and bought $100 worth of food to giveaway and a $100 tip for the staff. The person called in from Alaska.




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2 years ago

The citizens of Ventura have made their choice by their silence and failure to turn out and support this brave man. They will rule the day.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lydia

Sadly , you are right Lydia . I just read this article and I would GLADLY ride up to Ventura from Riverside to support this man . ( KUDOS to the person from ALASKA who sent $$$ to support him ! )
You do realize that it had to be somebody in his own community who called out the Gestapo on him ?
To me , that’s the saddest part .

Ventura Highway
Ventura Highway
2 years ago

There will be no small businesses under the Great Reset Leap Forward. The fundamental transformation conquest is complete.
We’re all socialists now wasn’t just a snappy magazine cover. The controllers always telegraph their plans and put it all in writing.
People out of work and going to the food bank are easily controlled. UBI, cashless EBT society, huge multi-national corporations only for all purchases, it is coming. Build it Back better is just code for the Great Reset.
Many people warned about all of this and were laughed off or called cantankerous old cusses or that crazy uncle with the aluminum foil hat.
Read up on the Bolsheviks of 1917 and life in the USSR to get ahead of the curve.
Make your stand wherever you can and give up on the sheep herd as they are not worth your time.