Cloying Kamala and Doug describe Hanukkah a celebration of SJWs


Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff, who is Jewish, gushed in their cutesy voices over Hanukkah as some kind of fight for the light by social justice warriors.

Harris explains in her sugary voice that the meaning of Hanukkah “is really about the light, and bringing light where there has been darkness. And there is so much work to be done. And it is a celebration of, always, Tikkun Olam, which is about fighting for justice, and fighting for the dignity of all people.”


She made Hanukkah into a social justice affair. I never heard that before. Apparently, Mr. Bernstein here didn’t either.

It sounds like Hannukkah is the opposite of the way sappy-sweet Kamala describes it:

Honky Tonk Jew makes a good point also:

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3 years ago

She’s married to a “Jew” and doesn’t even know how to say Tikkun Olam. Did they recite the blessing.

Chanukah was about the enforcement of vicious edicts upon the Jews, effectively destroying their attachment to Torah. He forbid observance of all religious laws, Bris Milah, Kashrut, Shabbat, all vestiges of Judaism. The “Governor” decided to begin his campaign with the arrest of the Sages. (Sound familiar) Soon after Chanah and her seven sons were arrested. The story details how one of the sons tongue, hands and feet were severed and put in a fire. Each son that came before the King was even more adamant in maintaining his adherence to Torah. In the end, after all her sons suffered death she says, “My children, tell your ancestor Abraham, ‘You bound only one son upon an altar, but I bound seven.”

During that time it wasn’t merely the Jews against Antiochus. It was also Jew against Jew. By the way, their “children” will not be Jewish, according to Law.

Smoky Hormel's Lil' Sausages
Smoky Hormel's Lil' Sausages
3 years ago

I’m so glad that these lightworkers are here to build Wakanda. The mean orange tweets are banished to the memory hole and the Long Dark Winter is almost over.
We need an epic saga to unite the comrades and these poor downtrodden victims of evil racist America overcame long odds to become enlightened beings destined to rule over the toothless hill scoggin deplorable kulak untermenschen.
I look forward to my EBT card and for your first EO kommissarina Kamala make it usable at the dispensary.