UConn President Sues Over DACA Admitting It’s to Keep Taxpayer Money


The University of Connecticut is joining the State universities in a lawsuit against the Trump administration over DACA.  The reason? Money! DACA is money to these people. UConn President Susan Herbst admits DACA is money, aka government money, aka taxpayer money for them.

“If DACA students are deported, forced to withdraw or leave the university, UConn will lose the tuition revenue that these students contribute,” UConn President Susan Herbst wrote in an affidavit that the Hartford Courant reported on. “This is a significant impact on the university.”

Immigration advocacy groups [open borders groups] estimate there are about 10,000 DACA recipients in Connecticut alone, though its unknown how many are enrolled in the state’s public universities.

And you the taxpayer support them and the colleges. The students have grants, loans, other government handouts, and affirmative action.

The Courant story includes the typical human interest story of a foreigner here illegally who would never have been able to get an education like the one she is getting if it weren’t for being allowed to stay illegally.

My children have to pay for their college education. How about yours? My friend’s A+ son can’t get into the medical school he wants and worked hard to get into and it’s not because of his grades and performance – he’s even a great baseball player.

Congress now says they won’t put DACA in the spending bill but that could change tomorrow.

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