UGH! Cuomo Cross Examines Border Commissioner Over Tear Gas


Arrogant CNN host Chris Cuomo interviewed Kevin McAleenan, the Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection in what began as an informative, polite exchange Tuesday. Then the grilling started over the use of tear gas.

Look at the chyron that appeared at 07:34 minutes in:

It reads, “Trump falsely says tear gas wasn’t used on children.” The agents did their best to avoid the women and children, but Cuomo and the entire media refuse to mention they are used as “human shields”. That doesn’t seem to bother him at all.

The Commissioner made it clear that they did NOT target women and children. As the interview ended, Cuomo asks McAleenan to tell border patrol not to use tear gas on women and children even though the Commissioner ALREADY SAID THEY DON’T [go to 08:40]! Cuomo just wants to get the soundbite in, hoping people come away believing the border agents are targeting little children.

Cuomo didn’t bother to tell the audience that former president Obama used tear gas at the border monthly.


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