Uh Oh, Dems Losing Support with a Critical Constituency


If you believe the polls, Republicans might be encouraged by the latest ones.

The far-left Guardian newspaper says Democrats are losing the millennial voters and need to change course. The youth lean Democrat since they are open, non-religious, and like gun control but there’s more.

Polls find the youth don’t like President Trump but a recent Reuters/Ipsos mega poll of 16,000 respondents, found that the Democrats are losing ground with millennials.

While millennials still prefer the Democratic party over the Republicans, that support is tanking. In just two years, it dropped sharply from 55% to 46%. Meanwhile, their support for Republicans has remained roughly stable in the past two years, falling from 28% to 27%.

The drop in Democratic support among white millennials is roughly the same (8%), but most of the defectors in that group seem to have moved to the Republicans (6%).

The trends are even more pronounced among white male millennials. Today, this group favors the Republicans over the Democrats by a staggering 11%. In 2016, Democrats led white male millennials by 12%.

The reason could be the incessant attacks on white males as racists, rapists, and in need of conquering by feminists.

The Guardian says youth don’t care much about Russian meddling but they do care about economic equality, cultural openness, healthcare, environmental and social justice. The writers propose integrating the Democrat Party ‘identity politics’ into the broader agenda.

The Democrats already integrate identity politics with fake tales of blacks being hurt more by climate change than whites.

Millennials also want increased job opportunities, higher wages, and decreased economic inequality. Oddly, that is what President Trump is giving them.

The Democrats [Socialists] are also losing ground in general since they have taken a hard-left stance on border control.

In the latest CBS/YouGov poll, Democrats were down three percentage points on a general ballot with Republicans in the midterms when compared to the same poll conducted weeks before the party officially became the open borders party.

When asked “Who would you like to see win control of Congress in 2018?” 40 percent of the voters in the battleground districts said Democrats, down from the 43 percent who said they would vote for a Democrat over a Republican weeks before.

That might not be a cause and effect relationship. We will have to wait and see.

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