UK Could Arrest Rumble Execs for Not Canceling Russell Brand


Murdoch’s London Times’ reporters convinced four anonymous women to publically share allegations of sexual abuse by Russell Brand. The accusers, who have not been named, include one who said she was sexually assaulted during a relationship with him when she was 16. Another woman says Brand raped her in Los Angeles in 2012. The allegations are 10, 15, 20 years old.

We don’t know if this is true. It might be, but for now, they are only allegations. He is innocent until proven guilty.

Brand denied the allegations and said all of his affairs were consensual.

Dame Caroline of the UK House of Commons has strongly suggested social media platforms demonetize Brand so he can’t benefit from his “crimes.”

Rumble has refused since Brand has not been convicted of anything. Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski responded to Dame Caroline, describing it as “deeply inappropriate and dangerous” for the UK parliament to dictate who can speak or earn a living on their platform.

The UK police are now investigating Brand.

The Times claims UK regulators could force Rumble offline under the new Online Safety Bill. They further claim Rumble executives could also be arrested if they step foot on UK soil for not de-platforming Russell Brand over allegations.

The UK originally claimed the bill was not about censorship. It was intended to protect children.

If you read the bill’s contents, that appears to be true.

We don’t know if Brand is guilty, but he should be allowed to face his accusers and defend himself. As for Rumble, the executives abide by the US rule of law.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

As for Rumble, the executives abide by the US rule of law.”
That does not sound hopeful.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 months ago

It has to be another intel frame operation. The MSM is in partnership with intel. Colorful people have their backgrounds checked. They find ladies of course, who are lured with money.

Anti-establishment positions cause this, especially anti-jab positions. The crooks took down O’Keefe’s operation over it, they installed agents who turned on him them took it all down.