UK to Send Depleted Uranium Shells to Ukraine – A “Dirty Bomb”?


The United Kingdom announced they would send a supply of tanks to Ukraine, as well as depleted uranium shells. The shells are very dense and can penetrate and destroy tanks. Russian President Putin responded in a strongly worded statement. He said, “But I would like to note that if all this happens, Russia will have to act accordingly.”

Upon further research, the shells do not present any real threat of radioactivity.

The Story

On Tuesday, the UK’s junior Defense Minister Annabel Goldie told Parliament, “Alongside our granting of a squadron of Challenger 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine, we will be providing ammunition including armor-piercing rounds containing depleted uranium.”

“Such rounds are highly effective in defeating modern tanks and armored vehicles.”

The Kremlin declared that this is equivalent to using a nuclear dirty bomb.  It isn’t a dirty bomb, and it’s not nuclear. However, if this is their red line, it’s their red line. They keep drawing red lines.

In January, Konstantin Gavrilov, head of the Russian delegation in Vienna on arms control, warned that the Kremlin would consider this ammo “as the use of dirty nuclear bombs against Russia with all the ensuing consequences,” according to the BBC.


Alex says in the clip below, depleted uranium shells will cause years of damage to the land and tremendous suffering for the people of Eastern Ukraine. There are people who say that. Others say it’s not the case.

Alex believes the UK knows they’re losing and they’re going scorched earth, poisoning the land and the people. That’s Alex’s view; it could also be that Zelensky is considering peace talks. In the end, there is no difference. It would mean the West lost.

However, it could mean they just want to pierce Russian tanks.


Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a chemical weapons expert and former British Army officer, has a different opinion.

He said Putin’s comments accusing the West of supplying Ukraine with “weapons with a nuclear component” were “absolutely bonkers.” He added that it was “completely wrong.” He believes that depleted uranium “cannot be used as a nuclear fuel or turned into a nuclear weapon.” He said Putin is trying “to persuade Xi to give him weapons and to terrify people in the West that he is planning to escalate to nuclear weapons.”

“They are toxic. That’s the problem; not anyone thinks it’s a nuclear weapon.”

According to CBS News: The United Nations Environment Program has described depleted uranium as a “chemically and radiologically toxic heavy metal.” Depleted uranium munitions were used in conflicts in the former Yugoslavia and Iraq. They were suspected of being a possible cause of “Gulf War syndrome,” a collection of debilitating symptoms suffered by veterans of the 1990-91 war.

This is a dramatic escalation in the eyes of Russia. They get to decide if this is their red line.

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Popeye the Project Boy
Popeye the Project Boy
2 months ago

And still not even a hint of negotiations or peace. These warmongers want WWIII?

2 months ago

Democrats think it’s the only way they can stay in power.

2 months ago

Translation: If the West uses Depleted Uranium, Russia will respond with Enriched Uranium.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 months ago

Depleted uranium will be radioactive. No one said it is fuel or weapons grade uranium, Hamish is the bonkers one, and an obvious mouthpiece. I expect Putin to know more about physics than Hamish.

Uranium is heavier so has more impact but a shell with more weight is going to travel slower. Or, it will be smaller. I see no advantage to it other than psychological.

Our corrupt west is taking us all down with it. We still had a chance, in November 2020, but traitors took over.