Ukraine President Zelensky at the UN: War Is Peace


Ukraine President Zelensky spoke to the UN, claiming we are failing in our climate objectives. He rebuked the US for not doing enough on climate change and again suggested eradicating Russia must be the goal.

Zelensky, the bawdy comic turned president, suggested the end goal is for Ukraine, with 500,000 soldiers, to destroy Russia with 1.3 million soldiers and nuclear weapons.

We now hear people like Mike Pence and Lindsey Graham suggesting we need to send American men and women to fight in Ukraine.


Zelensky claims open war brings peace. During his ’60 Minutes’ interview, he told Scott Pelley that Putin is Hitler.

“The whole world has to decide whether we want to stop Putin or whether we want to start the beginning of a world war,” Zelensky told CBS News anchor Scott Pelley.

“We can’t change Putin. Russian society has lost the respect of the world. They elected him and re-elected him — and raised a second Hitler,” Zelensky said, directly comparing Putin to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

“We cannot go back in time. But we can stop it here.”

Independent reporter Michael Tracey writes on X: Zelensky warns Putin could cause World War III.  It’s that classic argument again: “To prevent a hypothetical war, the actually-existing warfare must continue and intensify.”


“Thank God people have not yet learned to use climate as a weapon. Even though humanity is failing on its climate policy objectives, this means that extreme weather will still impact the normal global life, and some evil state will also weaponize its outcomes.

“And when people in the streets of New York and other cities of the world went out on climate protest, we all have seen them, and when people in Morocco and Libya and other countries die as a result of natural disasters, and when islands and countries disappear underwater, and when tornadoes and deserts are spreading into new territories, and when all of this is happening, one unnatural disaster in Moscow decided to launch a big war and kill tens of thousands of people.

“We have to stop it. We must act united to defeat the aggressor and focus all our capabilities and energy on addressing these challenges as nukes are restrained.

“Likewise, the aggressor must be restrained, and all his tools and message of war, each war now can become final, but it takes our unity to make sure that aggression will not break in again.

“And it is not a dialogue between the so-called great power somewhere behind the closed doors that can guarantee all the new wars era but open war of all nations for peace.”


Florida Congressman Byron Donald, immediately after Zelensky’s speech at the UN General Assembly, stated the obvious. We don’t have any money.

He was asked, “What would you say to Zelensky? He will soon be asking Congress for money to stop the war in Ukraine.”

“I would say that firstly, we no longer have money for Ukraine. We’ve run out… Moreover, we have a deficit of $2 trillion, so the money that we gave to Ukraine, we borrowed ourselves. These are the facts.

“Secondly, he chose not the best time to arrive, given the internal situation [in a week the first impeachment hearing against Biden].

“Thirdly, the whole story with Ukraine is a mistake of the Biden administration. If our commander-in-chief did not sleep at world forums, the situation in Ukraine, and in the world, would be much better.”

Full Speech:

Independent reporter Jordan Schachtel writes: If your default position is that your counterpart is evil and can never be trusted under any circumstances, then you can never abandon the perpetual war footing. And all of that is by design. Zelensky’s handlers will not let him step off the gas.”

Many did not applaud his speech, and many skipped the speech. Jordan Schachtel believes that what he should have done, what Biden should have done, was lay out peace plans.


Democrats are a threat to democracy.

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