Biden’s UN Speech Focused on Giving Tax Dollars to the World


Joe Biden gave a lofty, typical political speech, but there wasn’t much new. He is one of the UN globalists and is making the United States one with them. We are being told to accept whatever they want, and they have no interest in what the people want. There is a huge disconnect.

He wants the world to know that Americans are here to spread wealth all over the world. We will continue to borrow to hand over funds, not only to Ukraine, but also to the World Bank. We already pay 25% of the UN’s expenses which they use to destroy the US.

Senescent Joe Biden

We have migrants pouring into our country by the millions, and they will change our society forever. We have leftists destroying our history and teaching the children to hate America. Spending and inflation threaten to destroy our economy, yet it continues. It is what they do in socialist countries.

They hate us. And it’s not just the right that they hate. They will go after anyone on the left who dares stray from the narrative. We’ve seen this time and again with celebrities and people like Jordan Peterson.

If you go against the narrative, they hate you.

At the UN, Biden’s only objective was to list all the ways the US would send US money, borrowed money, to everyone in the world. This is as Americans suffer, inflation rises, and gas prices are once again out of control.

Rob Schmidt gave a great monologue yesterday.


Prominent leaders from countries on the U.N. Security Council, such as France, China, Russia, and the U.K., did not attend the U.N. General Assembly, according to the AP.

CBS News reported that India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also not be in attendance after hosting the annual G-20 summit earlier in September.

They can make excuses, but it was a snub.

We don’t even know who the US president is, although we can make educated guesses. Joe’s a prop.

Biden messed up just enough to confirm his fragile mental state. He mumbled incoherently at times.

He said he wants to join with China to accelerate the climate crisis.

Biden repeated his mantra that we are not decoupling from China. That’s a signal for them to walk all over us.

More of his incoherent ramblings:

He can’t even read from a teleprompter.

Nursing home patient:

Democrats are a threat to democracy.

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