UK’s New Prime Minister Is Like Electing Klaus Schwab


The new UK Prime Minister is a globalist. Pray for the UK. They need it as much as we do. Their new PM doesn’t know what a woman is.

According to Dr Ahmad Malik, the new UK Prime Minister wanted to censor anti-vaxers.

“We have to deal with the anti-vax campaigners,” Keir Starmer said, according to Malik. “This man wanted to introduce legislation to censor people like me. I am dangerous to this man because I defend medical ethics, informed consent, and bodily autonomy and expose the deadly shots.”

Starmer appointed a radical lockdown agent as his chief science advisor. It’s a bad start, but to be expected.

Starmer is a World Economic Forum operative.

He’s planning a great reset for the UK.

Starmer doesn’t know if women can have a penis. He’s a real genius.

Starmer has already pledged allegiance to President Zelensky. That doesn’t bode well for any peace deals.

He thinks some child sex offenders don’t need to be imprisoned. He holds every awful idea.

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