Communists, Islamists, Antifa Expected to Riot in France Tonight


The French expect a lot of rioting tonight by leftists — Antifa, Islamists, and communists. Marine LePen is often described as far-right; she is not far-right. LePen is center-right, but the media throughout the West wants you to believe she is an extremist.

This is how the AP presented it.

“Polls are open for the second round of the French elections, which may lead to France’s first far-right government since the World War II Nazi occupation.”

The leftists running the media are trying to portray her party as the Nazis, a description best suited to the Left. She has disavowed Nazis and their ilk.

Over the past decade, Le Pen has gone to extraordinary lengths to rid her National Rally party of its reputation for racism and xenophobia. She fired her own father and ditched the party’s historic name.

France’s President Macron called a snap election after a humbling defeat in the European elections. It was a mistake for him and his party. This is how they got to this point.

Marine LePen’s National Rally party said the party would only lead if they won an “absolute majority.”  As a result, opposition parties are making deals with one another to block her potential landslide victory.

The AP:

An unprecedented number of candidates who qualified for round two from the left-wing alliance of the New Popular Front and from President Emmanuel Macron’s weakened centrists have stepped aside to favor the candidate most likely to win against a National Rally opponent.

According to a count by French newspaper Le Monde, some 218 candidates who were eligible to compete in the second round have pulled out. Of those, 130 were on the left, and 82 came from the Macron-led centrist [actually socialist] alliance Ensemble.

This African man explains they are coming to France to take back what is theirs.

Even without an RN prime minister, any legislative action in the French parliament will have to be guided by a far-right center of gravity.

If there is an RN premiership, it would set up a tense “cohabitation” with Macron’s centrist presidency, especially over centerpiece policies like French support for Ukraine’s war against Russia. LePen’s party wants to walk back aid to Ukraine as it bleeds territory.

When are the results?: Polling agencies will share projections at 8 p.m. local time (2 p.m. EST), with a final national tally expected by early Monday.”

It’s not xenophobic to want to maintain culture, character, politics, and sovereignty. The opposite is traitorous.

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