UN Plans to Turn Jerusalem Over to Radical Islamic Terrorists


Israeli soldiers leaving the scene of the terrorist attack.
Israeli soldiers leaving the scene of the terrorist attack.

As Israel is attacked again and again by Arab terrorists, the U.N. thugs, including their Western members, are planning the ultimate destruction of the only democracy in the region.

Another Day, Another Terrorist Attack

Four people were killed in Jerusalem this day by a Palestinian who rammed a lorry into a group of soldiers, in what police say was a terrorist attack.

Three women and one man, all in their twenties, were killed and at least 13 more were wounded, medics say, reports the bbc.

Soldiers in the group shot the driver to death.

Over the past 15 months there have been many attacks on Israelis by Palestinians – using knives, guns and sometimes vehicles.

Israel’s police chief Roni Alsheich said the assailant in Sunday’s attack was a Palestinian from East Jerusalem.

Will we hear any condemnation from the U.N. or even Barack Obama for that matter?

The attack was caught on video.

UN Will Give Jerusalem to the Arabs

After all the radical Islamists and the U.N. have done to Israel, the next “peace conference” in Paris, on January 15, seeks to completely destroy them. The 70 nations will likely agree to form a Palestinian state with the Old City of Jerusalem as its capital, in accordance with the recently passed UNSC Resolution 2334.

They will meet President-elect Donald Trump head-on as he intends to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

East Jerusalem has been sacred to Jews for 4,000 years, to Christians for 2,000 years and to Muslims since the 7th century.

The Islamists who would take possession of East Jerusalem are the same Hamas terrorists who run Gaza and will undoubtedly destroy all vestiges of the sacred Jewish and Christian historical landmarks.

A Brief History of Palestine

To understand what is actually going on, without the lies, we have to go back to 1948 when Jews were given back their homeland after the genocide by Adolf Hitler.

In 1948, the Arab League declared jihad to destroy the Jewish State. The armies of five Arab States crossed the borders of Palestine, where the San Remo Resolution (1920) had recognized the legitimacy of a Jewish National Home. Egypt seized Gaza, Syria stood their ground on the Golan, and Transjordan colonized the Judea and Samaria area and the Old City of Jerusalem.

Jews were slaughtered or escaped but they were not wiped out though they suffered endless attacks from their Islamist neighbors.

file photo from the six-day war.
file photo from the six-day war.

In 1967, the armies of Egypt, Syria and Transjordan invaded Israel again in an attempt to destroy it. Israel won and took back all the land seized in 1949 – Judea, Jerusalem and Samaria. It have been “cleansed” by the Islamists. Palestinian Jews had been driven out.

The U.N. got involved to form a peace. Resolution 242 recommended two waves of refugees – Arab and Jewish – to solve the discontent. There was no mention of Palestinian Arabs at the time because they didn’t exist.

file photo of NY Times headline in 1973
file photo of NY Times headline in 1973

In 1973, Egypt and Syria again attacked Israel and lost. The peace agreement became very problematic for Israel.

In 1967, the French had changed the language of the 1967 agreement when they translated it by adding the word “the” in front of “territories”. That false agreement was resurrected in 1973. It was adopted and began the path to Israel’s destruction.

Heading for the Ultimate Destruction of the West

After each of these wars, Israel tried to win a lasting peace but the Muslim Arab world will only settle for their destruction.

Look what happened when Israel turned over Gaza. The people voted the terrorist group Hamas in to run the nation. Hamas’s charter declares their only goal is to destroy Israel.

The recent U.N. Resolution 2334 is another stage in the destruction. It recognized the state of Palestine.

The surrender to Islam is no different than the appeasement policies of Neville Chamberlain who was by all accounts a decent, well-intentioned man. He paved the road to World War II with his good intentions

The West Has Surrendered to Radical Islam

The Allies left Czechoslovakia without defensible borders in 1938 to appease Hitler as part of a peace agreement. Czechoslovakia had been continuously criticized by their so-called allies for disturbing the fragile peace much as Israel is today.

In 1938, at the peace conference in Munich, the Western democracies robbed the Czech state of its borders to satisfy Hitler in return for his false promises of peace. After the French and British left Czechoslovakia, Hitler’s German forces overran the country, undoubtedly laughing at the naiveté of the democracies.

There is an excellent analysis at Gatestone Institute titled, “When Peace Means Capitulation”, by Giulio Meotti, which describes the situation the West has put themselves in to attain peace with an unwilling and cunning radical Islam.

The Western European nations will not defend democracy and have already surrendered. The U.S. under Obama has done the same. The U.S. is now aligned with some of the most evil dictatorships in the world, namely countries like Iran and Cuba. We are working in collusion with an evil club of dictators and crooks – the U.N.

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