Uncle Joe Biden Says Hillary Was Not a “Great Candidate” But He Is


We knew it wouldn’t take long and it has happened. Hillary has been officially thrown under the bus. Joe Biden now says “Hillary was not a great candidate”.

“I never thought she was a great candidate,” the former vice president told the SALT conference in Las Vegas, according to reports.

To add salt to the wound, he continued, “I thought I was a great candidate.”

He believes he would have won the election.  That’s something he has said before.

He won’t rule out being a candidate in 2020 and he “may very well do it”.

The problem is that he’s worse than Trump who only has two scoops of ice cream with his chocolate cream pie while Biden eats two cones at a time.

Let’s not forget Biden’s a plagiarist. He had to leave a presidential run over it.



  1. The only regret I have during the Pres Election is in not being able to meet Uncle Joe Biden out in back of the barn for his choice of weapons, hopefully bare fists. He has been a bully since he was in Junior High School and just a politician who never did anything constructive.. Joe Biden for President is more of the same left wing crap that would have left this country over run with middle east terrorists and our daughters subject to all of the B.S of Sharia law. Go home and cut the grass, Joe (with a pair of scissors)

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