Under Biden We Go From 1st to Last-Only 5% of 122,500 Airlifted Were Americans


Under Biden, We Go From 1st to Last-Only 5% of 122,500 Airlifted Were Americans

The Pentagon sock puppet “spokesman” has bragged about evacuating over 122,500 “people” from the human catastrophe he, Biden, the Sec. of State, and the woke generals created in Afghanistan.

It’s a great success, don’t you know, because of those numbers.  What this crew of clueless, feckless, foul balls, fail to realize is we want to know how many of those evacuees have been AMERICANS.  

Those numbers have been as hard to track as the government’s ever-changing, wide-ranging guesstimates offering a count of our citizens trapped behind Taliban lines.   

Regarding the latter, we’d initially heard 10 to 15 thousand Americans were in Afghanistan. As Biden’s, Taliban enforced deadline loomed closer, the early “estimates” dropped dramatically.   Hmmm.

As the last plane took off on Monday, we’ve been told 6,000 Americans have been rescued, if you can believe the Pentagon.

That means out of the over 122,500 “people” removed from a soon-to-be killing field for enemies of blood thirsty, soulless terrorists, barely 5% of those lucky enough to escape were our fellow countrymen.  

If that wasn’t bad enough, we now know an unknown number of Americans have been “left behind”.  In an exodus run by our own “leaders”, they couldn’t find room on our own planes to maybe double that pathetic, unconscionable, 5% number up to say 10%?

How many lives would that have saved?  Listening to these politically-driven propagandists, we’ll never know.

What we do know is under Biden we’ve gone from “America First” to America last.  Donald Trump would never have filled those planes with others until he was certain every American was out.  



  1. Building Jimmeh Carta back better!
    Jo Jo the Assclown should come out in a polyester outfit with bell bottoms for the full retro disco leisure suit look.
    Dr. Fishnets could sport some knee high heel leather Kiss stompers while disco czar Rubio cuts up the floor in his Saturday Night Live boots!
    OPEC will cut production and oil prices will go up for the full That 70’s Show time warp that no one was asking for.

  2. Untold numbers of our countrymen and women have been left behind while at least 116,500 non-Americans were rescued. No more America First. Dementia Joe, he of the early afternoon national address to avoid sundowners syndrome, will try and turn the page today. The terrorists won’t let him.

  3. @ Frank S,

    Boobus Americanus couldn’t handle America first so last place it is and everyone will be equal, as we root around in dumpsters for supper.
    The glorious Wakanda utopia is coming!

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