Unhinged Dems Tear Up Cruz Signs While Growling, Scream Crazy Things


Senator Ted Cruz has been fighting the onslaught of the far-left in Texas. The left hopes to turn the state deep blue. He is pulling away from his socialist opponent in the polls, a JFK wannabe, but it’s too close for comfort in a state the right must not lose.

Democrats can’t win on the issues so they employ tactics such as harassment, theft, violence, whatever it takes. We know it’s what they condone as a party thanks to Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, and many others including Barack Obama.

They use these tactics on Senator Cruz regularly, not simply when he’s in a restaurant.


An unhinged Democrat was tearing up Ted Cruz signs as a supporter put them on the property of people who requested the signs. You have to see this video, the man growls for the camera.


A shrill woman screechingly asked Cruz in the airport: “You think that putting a sexual assaulter on the court is a victory for women?” She was referring to Justice Kavanaugh.

Cruz can be seen walking away from the women, who follow him with a camera rolling.

There is zero evidence that the Justice did any such thing but there is strong evidence his accusers are liars or crazy.

Turning to the camera at one point, Cruz said, “thank you for expressing your first amendment right,” and told the women, “God bless you.”


Democrats are trying to sell the senator’s opponent beta male O’Rourke to Americans as the new John F. Kennedy. He falls short. We don’t see the resemblance at all.

O’Rourke’s an open borders socialist. The Border Patrol Council came out in support of Ted Cruz. There is a good reason for that.

Beta wants free everything for illegal aliens, including healthcare.


  1. What an idiot…what is so hard to understand…illegal IS illegal, all his postulating and illogical arguments are NOT going to change that. Rules are necessary for good order, there are always exceptions but whole scale disregard leads to anarchy and chaos….and inordinate expenditures/costs to correct something that should NOT have been allowed in the first place. For every illegal that ‘makes good’ bet there are at least 5 who finally end up in prison and or deported…and return illegally again….creating a drain on resources, increased policing for the protection of CITIZENS etc.,….

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