Unhinged Party Comes to McCabe’s Pension Rescue


The former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe was fired Friday, less than two days before he was to receive his pension. He might lose his pension or part of it, but that isn’t a given. The party of crazy dirtbags has come to the rescue.

The FBI’s own OPR recommended McCabe be fired for leaking and lying. There will likely be more charges coming when the Inspector General releases his report. In addition to the unhinged party blaming the President, they want to save this man’s pension. These are the same people who rejoiced at the destruction of Mike Flynn.

Biased reporter Andrew Mitchell suggested in a tweet that a Democrat should hire McCabe for a brief period of time so he can collect his pension.

Within hours, an unhinged member of the crazy party said he would hire him for two days.

These Democrats are very foolish. Sessions would never have gone along with McCabe being fired unless he knew the IG had some serious dirt on him. They’re not thinking and are just shooting from the hip.

That was followed up with a tweet from open borders leftist Luis Gutierrez. He told McCabe to call on Monday for a federal job.

Weird Raskin wants to hire him as a staff attorney.

The lying leaker is in demand by the party of the unhinged.

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5 years ago

Looks like Graham is joining the ‘unhinged party’ saying he wants an(other) investigation into whether or not the firing was politically motivated.

Gowdy is opening his big mouth again about Mueller keeping his high-paying overpriced job.

We STILL have NO evidence that Mueller is going after the “obvious” guilty, which are too numerous to mention. We see another British involvement beyond Steele, namely London-based Hakluyt & Co.Rosenstein sure seems “comfortable” with all the leaks against Trump and ANY of Trump associates, so we have to conclude there is no investigation into anyone apart from Trump. It certainly appears everything is being done by Mueller, et. al., specifically, Facebook, in making it extremely difficult for Trump to restart the 2020 campaign. Since it is unlikely Trump can be removed they appear to be going after Trump’s reelection efforts.

5 years ago

From McCabe quotes, sounds like he’s going to try to become the John Dean of the FBI. Followed orders, but told them, Hillary was a cancer on the agency.