University study found vaccinated people spread Delta variant


A University of Wisconsin-Madison study found that vaccinated persons can spread the Delta variant. The study is not yet peer-reviewed, but the CDC supported the work.

They say vaccinated people have more viral loads than unvaccinated. Despite full vaccination, they have low Ct values [PCR test numbers, ‘cycle threshold’ values] and shed infectious virus — according to their results.

The asymptomatic vaccinated are in worse shape.

Ct values <25 were detected in 7 of 24 unvaccinated and 9 out of 11 fully vaccinated asymptomatic individuals.

Infectious SARS-VOV-2 is frequently found even in vaccinated persons when specimens Ct values are low.

They shed infectious SARS COV-2 despite vaccination.

So, why are Biden and the NY Governor forcing vaccination of people who work with the sick and infirm?



  1. The vaccinated may be super spreaders because the so called vaccinations are too focused on a specific DNA / RNA sequence. They may save your life, but I suspect you become a petri dish for variants. I worry that it might be worse. If you already have Natural Immunity and get vaccinated, I worry that it lowers your Natural Immunity’s ability to fight variants. That needs some serious study because it could be a flaw in a number of other modern vaccines. A true vaccine should be 99.9% effective; anything less is a therapeutic or in this cause worse – Leaky!.

  2. But, but, muh vaccine?
    It grants immunity and magic sauce powers.
    Humans were immortal before March 2020 and the Bad Orange Man.
    Oh wait, maybe not.

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