Russians crossed Biden’s red line & hacked a soy & corn farmer alliance


Cybercriminals have hacked American grain producers, disrupting a key link in the US food supply chain. Prior to the attack, the FBI warned about the possible attack on food and agriculture producers.

The attack by BlackMatter, a group thought to be based in Russia, crosses one of President Biden’s red lines. Let’s hope he doesn’t drone some high-ranking Russian officials family.

In July Biden warned [more like asked] President Putin that Russian-based hackers should stay clear of 16 critical sectors of the US economy, one of which was food and agriculture, The Times UK reports.

Most thought Biden stupidly gave Putin a list of sectors that he could hit to destroy the economy.

According to The Times, New Co-operative, an alliance of soy and corn farmers with more than 8,000 members, was forced offline on Tuesday. Its system monitors food supply chains and feeding schedules for millions of chickens, hogs, and cattle.

There’s more to come.

The hackers threatened to publish the co-op’s data, including the confidential code to its soil-mapping technology, unless a ransom of $5.9 million was paid in untraceable cryptocurrency by September 25th.

Cyberattacks are escalating this year. Colonial Pipeline and JBS USA meat producers were both hacked this year. They both paid the ransom.


Noth much happens in Russia with the mafia types without Russian President Putin knowing. He lets them operate.

Biden said in mid-June that he gave Russian President Vladimir Putin a list of places he considered critical infrastructure in the United States, warning Russians not to attack them.

“I gave them a list. If I’m not mistaken, I don’t have it in front of me, 16 specific entities,” Biden said. “Sixteen defined as critical infrastructure under U.S. policy from the energy sector to our water systems.”

He might as well have said, hit these sectors.

He warned Russia that the listed critical infrastructure in the United States was “off-limits” in future attacks.

“I talked about the proposition that certain critical infrastructures should be off-limits to attack. Period,” he said. “By cyber or any other means.”

But Biden did not say he threatened Putin with consequences if the cyber attacks continued.

“He knows there are consequences,” Biden said. “He knows I will take action.”

Sure, let’s see what they are. Are you going to drone some innocent family?


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