Unreal! Dominion server in GA was removed during litigation


Lin Wood reported last night via Kyle Becker that a Dominion server [allegedly] crashed and was removed yesterday. This is while litigation is proceeding. Not only that, Governor Kemp has a history of doing it. There is no integrity in this election. It must be redone with strict oversight and no dropboxes, ballot harvesting, or early voting.


In the wee hours of the morning, Wood tweeted, “Dominion + Kemp + Raffensperger = Foreign Interference With U.S. Election. Do you think lawyers for @BrianKempGA & @GaSecofState are advising clients on potential prison terms or is it just me?”

That statement linked to a tweet by freelance journalist Kyle Becker, who wrote, “GEORGIA. AGAIN. “Fulton County elections officials confirmed to 11Alive on Sunday that a newly-purchased Dominion Voting Systems mobile server had crashed earlier in the day.” Update: “Our witness said someone REMOVED the server!” Unbelievable.”

Apparently, Governor Kemp has had practice wiping servers during court cases!

Kemp had the servers wiped during litigation once before — in 2017. Kyle Becker tweeted the news to Lin Wood.

Wood shot back, “Given his total lack of support for @realDonaldTrump, his refusal to call special session of legislature, & his history of wiping servers clean, @BrianKempGA apparently took political corruptness lessons from Hillary Clinton. Hillary is rumored to have taken some kickbacks too.”

Wood was responding to Becker’s tweet, “GEORGIA. Gov. Kemp is no stranger to wiping servers clean. In 2017, Kemp was caught in a scandal over a server “quietly wiped clean” just after a suit was filed. Today, a judge issued an order to halt a “software update.” It was reversed. Voters’ blood should be boiling.”

Becker linked to this AP news flash from 2017:

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Fading Banana Republic
Fading Banana Republic
3 years ago

Who will be doing anything about it? Totally corrupt, fundamentally destroyed.
Reminisce fondly about the old America that you grew up in and prepare for the hard times created by soft weak comfort zombies.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

Those 2 Georgia officials are plenty nervous by now. Look how corrupt the repub party is, there are people in it vehemently opposed to Trump and committing crimes to defeat him. Let’s not forget of course that Kemp is close to Mitch, who did not endorse the President for reelection.

Understanding how/why these 2 did this is a key to understanding the entire election scheme.

3 years ago

ConKemp and Raffles know that a contempt citation is far less a problem than it being revealed they threw Georgia’s votes to the ChiCom agent Biden. They will continue to use all of their power and influence to cover up the corruption. Thank God Lin Wood and Sydney Powell are on the case. They will not escape justice.