“Unsustainable” Numbers of Illegal Aliens Pouring Into Canada to Avoid US Deportation


Reuters reports that the numbers of illegal aliens pouring into Canada has more than tripled in the last month. Migrants say they are concerned about the U.S. crackdown on illegal immigration.

It’s “unsustainable”, officials say.

In July, 3,100 walked across the border and another 3,800 came over the border the first two weeks of August. Ninety-six percent went to Québec but some citizens and politicians are not happy. The migrants think that asylum is guaranteed because of Trudeau’s “irresponsible” tweets, but that is not the case. Many will be sent back.

Conservative parliamentarian Michelle Rempel, her party’s immigration critic, said the government steps are a “band aid” solution.

“This situation started with Prime Minister [Justin] Trudeau’s irresponsible tweets and he has a responsibility to fix it,” Rempel said in a statement, referring to January tweets Trudeau sent touting Canada’s welcome of refugees after a U.S. travel ban was unveiled.

Since Trudeau welcomed them, they’ve flooded across the border.

Many of the migrants are Haitians facing deportation.

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