Unvaxxed will be permanently locked down, just ask the Pfizer CEO


The CEO of the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer says that normal life will return within a year, but not for those who don’t have regular COVID-19 vaccinations. In other words, the unvaxxed will be permanently locked down.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was on ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Stephanopoulos asked him his opinion of when the pandemic would end.

“I agree that within a year, I think we will be able to come back to normal life,” said Bourla. However, he said this only applies to those who are prepared to take regular coronavirus booster shots.

“I don’t think that this means that variants will not be continuing coming,” Bourla added. “And I don’t think that this means that we should be able to live our lives without having vaccinations, basically.”

Bourla said that the “most likely scenario for me” is “annual re-vaccinations” due to the emergence of “new variants.”

Interestingly, Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel said last week that even younger people will have to get vaccine booster shots at least once every three years.

These tyrants of industry and government likely plan to keep going with a system in which the unvaccinated will be banned from travel, employment, sports, and entertainment. They will be in permanent lockdown.


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