Eight Dead After Man in Truck Mows Them Down in NYC Screaming Allahu Akbar


A man driving a Home Depot rental van mowed down pedestrians on a bike path in Tribeca, New York City near the Freedom Tower. It appears that the truck deliberately went on to a bike path, perhaps twice. It might have gone on to the path in the 40’s, left and got back on to mow people down in the downtown area near Stuyvesant High School.

After crashing into some cars, the truck came to a halt and that’s when the driver got out screaming Allahu Akbar over and over, according to some reports, while waving harmless weapons, Fox News reported. Witnesses say it was deliberate.

The killer was reported by the NY Times to have had two weapons, possibly a paintball gun and a BB gun.

The mayor is calling it terrorism.

Eight people are dead and at least a dozen to 15 are injured. The killer has been shot twice some reports say, but the situation is fluid and that could change. He is in custody according to police but that is all they are saying.

At the same time, and it might be unrelated, ISIS has called for killing trick or treaters on Halloween. The chilling call to arms included a picture of a machete set in front of the Eiffel Tower covered in blood, the Mirror reported.

WARNING! These next two videos are very graphic.

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6 years ago

What is it with Politicians that they have to be the first at a microphone when a tragedy occurs. The same thing happened in Vegas. They really look like idiots giving their speeches.