US Arms Sales Are Hitting Record Highs


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US weapons sales overseas rose sharply last year, reaching a record total of $238bn (£187bn), as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine stoked demand, reports the BBC.

In addition to child sex and drug trafficking at the border, the US is a big arms dealer, enriching highly influential US war-oriented corporations.

The State Department reported that the US government directly negotiated $81bn in sales, a 56% increase from 2022.

Do you fear World War III coming?

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The rest were direct sales by US defense companies to foreign nations.

Poland spent $12 billion on rocket systems, air-missile defense battle command systems, and Abrams tanks.

Meanwhile, Germany spent $8.5 billion on Chinook helicopters. Bulgaria paid $1.5bn for Stryker armored vehicles, and Norway bought $1 bn worth of multi-mission helicopters.

The Czech Republic bought $5.6 billion in F-35 jets and munitions.

When do arms sales become a sign of pro-war policies?

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Allegedly, countries are not buying from Russia, hurting their sales.

“The Russian defense industry is failing and continues to fail,” Mira Resnick told Politico, adding that Russian weapons manufacturers are being “denied the resources that come from exports,” such as cash.

Do you think this next clip with Gregory Mannarino is right? I really don’t know the answer.

President Joe Biden’s administration has argued that American support for Ukraine boosts the domestic economy through arms sales.

Are we keeping track of where they go? Probably not.

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