US Buys Ukraine’s Weapons- Europe Circumvents Sanctions for Russian Gas [He United NATO?]


Joe Biden boasted of uniting the EU and the US. The media sang his praises — America is back, they said. Biden boasted of a strong NATO alliance. The only problem is it’s a farce. Not only is Europe not providing much in the way of arms and weapons to Ukraine, but Europe figured out a way to buy gas from Russia without violating the sanctions.


The U.S. government will provide almost all of the arms, weapons, and other equipment to Ukraine. Almost $4.8 billion in military aid was pledged up until the given date, according to the Ukraine Support Tracker by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy. This number could soon rise even more as the White House is reportedly preparing another substantial military aid package.

Together with a similar package announced in mid-April, the new funding round would up U.S. military aid to Ukraine by another $1.6 billion.


EU companies found a way to circumvent the sanctions and buy Russian gas in rubles. They will first pay in euros or dollars which will then be converted into rubles. This is according to the European Commission on Friday, Reuters reports.

In an advisory document sent to member states on Thursday, the Commission reportedly said that Moscow’s gas-for-rubles proposal does not necessarily prevent a payment process that would comply with EU sanctions against Russia.

The document said there were options that could allow companies to continue lawfully paying for gas. “EU companies can ask their Russian counterparts to fulfill their contractual obligations in the same manner as before the adoption of the decree, i.e. by depositing the due amount in euros or dollars.”

The procedure for securing exemptions from the requirements of the decree is not yet clear, it added.

In Conclusion

The plan is identical to what the Russian government had suggested earlier this month.

The burden in Ukraine falls on the US and they have to do very little.

The European approach kind of misses the point of the sanctions. So, only the US will suffer as Biden sends our emergency reserves to Europe. Our alleged NATO alliance is a clown show.

This administration, many of our politicians, and the media don’t care at all about this country. They will stop at nothing.


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