IMF warns of severe food shortages, explosive inflation- social unrest


There has been a rash of food processing plants having accidents – 18 to be exact – in only six months’ time. Tucker covered it.  People are looking at it conspiratorially but that doesn’t seem likely at this point. There are no connections among any of these events. It is very inopportune given the expected food shortages. Of far more concern are the explosive and frightening warnings out of the IMF.


The International Monetary Fund warned on Tuesday that global economic growth will be “severely set back” by the fallout from Russia’s war with Ukraine, the effects of which will be felt “far and wide” as the conflict adds to global pricing pressures and fuels inflation. The IMF warns of disruptions to Russian oil and gas and Russian wheat and corn “like seismic waves.” Fuel and food prices will continue to rise rapidly.

IMF chief economist Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas describes inflation as a “clear and present danger” that is expected to persist for longer in many countries, warning that central banks “need to act decisively” to hike interest rates but make sure that doing so doesn’t hurt economic growth.

The IMF also warned of potential “financial instability” and “social unrest” amid all the uncertainty.

“Economic damage from the [Ukraine] conflict will contribute to a significant slowdown in global growth in 2022 and add to inflation,” Gourinchas said. “The effects of the war will propagate far and wide, adding to price pressures and exacerbating significant policy challenges.”


Those are the conditions for massive changes like The Great Reset, for instance. The Great Reset isn’t conspiratorial. It is a real and powerful movement of the World Economic Forum under Klaus Schwab.

So many of the problems we see could have been avoided. It makes one think that there is some degree of manipulation here, perhaps by the WEF. For example, the sanctions only hurt the West and mostly the US. They aren’t doing anything to stop Russia and their ruble is just fine. They should be dropped immediately.

Also, Biden is deliberately destroying the energy sector while all this is going on, why? That doesn’t need to happen.

The lockdown was provably a serious, predictable mistake, yet they did it anyway and extended it beyond all necessity. The powers that be knew it would damage the economy.

Then there is the Ukraine war. As Russian soldiers encircled Ukraine, the US refused all diplomacy and poked the bear. We heard how Russia was going to take over the world although it has the economy of New Jersey. That was not believable. The US wants war. Why?

If you go to Ukraine President Zelenskyy’s website and translate it, almost every headline mimics World Economic Forum goals. He’s especially big on the digitization of everything and everyone. We’re not against digitization, but the way the WEF wants to use it is Orwellian. These people use 1984 as a How-To manual.  You can translate through google translate.

Biden predicts food shortages:

Investigations will look into the plants, but no one is looking into The Great Reset and all these pieces put into place by the Bidenistas, whoever they are, as they go from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis.

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