US conference of mayors backs commission to consider reparations for over 6 quadrillion $$$


On Monday, the U.S. Conference of Mayors published a letter backing the idea of Democrats to create a reparations commission to consider reparations to 41 million black Americans.

The letter, signed on behalf of the mayors by Louisville mayor Greg Fischer, the president of the organization, was addressed to Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas, who had submitted bills in their respective houses to create a reparations commission.

These are people who would get reparations themselves.

The letter stated:

I am pleased to share with you that last week at the Conference’s 88th Annual Meeting, the nation’s mayors unanimously passed a resolution I sponsored in support of the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act (H.R. 40/S. 1083). We recognize and support your legislation as a concrete first step in our larger reckoning as a nation, and a next step to guide the actions of both federal and local leaders who have promised to do better by our Black residents. Our support of your bicameral legislation is not just an endorsement – it is a resolution.

We have resolved to do better for our Black residents by promoting equal rights and opportunity through the implementation of policy reforms at the local level, as well as through our advocacy for action at the federal level … . We are committed to doing our role in local government to disrupt systemic racism, which inhibits the realization of a nation of liberty, prosperity, and justice for all. Thank you for your tireless advocacy on behalf of our cities. We are proud to echo your calls to address centuries of racial injustice and inequities in America, and the nation’s mayors stand ready to support and amplify your efforts.

The Washington Examiner noted the cost of the bill:

The total debt in 2018 would be US$6.202 quadrillion, divided by 40,909,233 Black non-Hispanic descendants of the enslaved would result in a total reparations payment per descendant of U S$151.63 million, and the per capita debt for all 327,167,434 American residents would be US $18.96 million, with the net per capita reparations amounting to US$132.67 million per descendant in 2018.

These mayors control the largest cities in the country. They are going to shove this absurd policy down our throats when Democrats win.

This is a terrible divisive idea.

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