US Intel Is Stockpiling Dirt on All Its Citizens


Wired reports that the United States government has been secretly amassing a large amount of sensitive and intimate information on its own citizens.

A group of senior advisers informed April Haines, the DNI, more than a year ago that they are accumulating data on the most minute details of Americans’ lives.

In late 2021 Haines told her advisers to untangle a web of secretive business arrangements between commercial data brokers and you, US intelligence community members, reports Wired.

It completely destroys privacy, violating the Constitution.

“This report reveals what we feared most,” says Sean Vitka, a policy attorney at the nonprofit Demand Progress. “Intelligence agencies are flouting the law and buying information about Americans that Congress and the Supreme Court have made clear the government should not have.”

The US Congress has been inactive on this issue. A surveillance state has been quietly growing in the legal system’s cracks. Laws are ignored and we are being ruled by unelected bureaucrats.

“I’ve been warning for years that if using a credit card to buy an American’s personal information voids their 4th Amendment rights, then traditional checks and balances for government surveillance will crumble, Ron Wyden (D-OR) says.

Can we bring Edward Snowden home now? Watch:

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