US leads world in virus cases, actually de Blasio’s NYC is in the lead


The media announced that the United States now leads the world in confirmed coronavirus cases. They failed to mention that New York City is the reason we are in the lead and there are reasons why.

The Hill reported the numbers along with a negative study and a negative report from a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development.

The New York Times saw it as an opportunity to bash Donald Trump’s response to the virus. They ignore the fact that Democrats were impeaching him at the time, distracting him. And not one Democrat cared about the virus. When the President banned travel on January 31st, he was bashed as a xenophobe and racist. In fact, he acted courageously.

The U.S. is taking the lead with an almost irrelevant number. We have a third of the deaths of China, but, more than that, China is lying. As for the other countries, including Italy, we have a much larger population, we are third in the world in population.

How many of these new cases are because we are testing more? We don’t know.

The map as of 6 p.m. showed the U.S. in the lead in the number of cases as the testing improves. China claims they have 3,291 deaths and any new cases are from people traveling from other countries. The one thing you can be certain of is communists lie.

The U.S. trajectory is climbing with 14,000 new cases on Wednesday. As the testing increases, so do the cases.

We don’t want to downplay this. The virus is serious. It is bad.


New York is the leader with 37,802 cases, doing far worse than California and Washington who appear to have it under control. There are good reasons for that.

Half of New York’s cases are in New York City where Mayor Bill de Blasio did nothing. The media seems unwilling to hold him accountable.

The hospitals are in meltdown and the virus is starting to increase out further on the island.

New York City told the residents to go ahead with the Chinese New Year celebration in February when everyone knew we should not be congregating.


The city health commissioner, a week after the President banned travel from China, told everyone it is not transmitted by community spread.

Look at this:

She needs to be removed from her position.

Political correctness seriously affected New York City:

While the media uses the disease to hurl insults at the President, they let de Blasio skate. He is the man directly responsible for this New York City spread.

How about this in mid-February:

This is the buffoon who is at least partly responsible, not the President:

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