Proof Socialized Medicine Does NOT Work


This is the proof single-payer doesn’t work. United States healthcare does work.


The United States is doing much better in terms of death rates than the countries with socialized medicine. That holds true for the pandemic.

The death rate for any illness in the USA is going up but still very low at 3.3 per million, Spain is 89 per million, Italy is 124 per million, the Netherlands is 25 per million, and Great Britain is 7.2 per million.

The fatality rate for coronavirus in Italy is 10%, Spain is 7.5%, France is 5.8%,  Netherlands 5.8%, Great Britain 5%, the USA is 1.4 %.

You won’t get the care under socialized medicine that you get with our healthcare. It is the best in the world.





  1. Would you be kind enough to provide a link for the “all disease deaths per million”?

    it is not that I don t believe you, I do believe you, I have been a fan of independentsentinel for a couple years because you are not into fake news, it is simply that if I post this on facebook people will ask where those numbers come from….If I say I don t know they will say ; fake news !

    I want to show them that since Italy has an ” all diseases” death rate 38 times higher than the USA it explains why their covid19 death rate is so high.

    Thank you !

  2. You may have missed it, Iknow I did. A link to the fatality rate is is highlighted in blue, in the body of the article.

  3. It is world class for now but the long march through the institutions is ongoing.
    Sobamacare put some kinks in the armor but somehow it still stands due to the outstanding American healthcare workers.
    They pulled my chestnuts out of the fire and I’m still here thanks to them.

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