US makes it clear they don’t recognize Taiwan as anything but China


The Taiwanese government on Thursday gently objected to the Biden White House deleting a social media post touting America’s donation of coronavirus vaccines to Taiwan. The message included a photo of the Taiwanese flag.

The Chinese Communist government won’t allow anyone to suggest Taiwan is an independent country.

The White House “Covid-19 [Chinese coronavirus] Response Team” posted a message on Twitter this week that listed U.S. vaccine donations to countries around the world, including the shipment of 2.5 million doses of Moderna vaccine to Taiwan announced in June, tripling the original American pledge.

Taiwan’s flag and all donor countries’ flags appeared next to the list.

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen thanked the US for recognizing the territory as an independent country.

The White House deleted the post and said it was a mistake, according to Reuters. They added that the US does not recognize Taiwan as an independent country.

Taiwan called on the United States not to cause “unnecessary speculation or misunderstanding” after President Joe Biden’s administration deleted a Twitter post that included the Taiwan flag Wednesday, American Military News reported.


The CCP is flying sorties over Taiwan daily and Xi has made it clear he plans to invade sooner rather than later.

After the post was removed, Taiwan Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Joanne Ou expressed concern, warning against causing misinterpretations.

The Taiwanese Foreign Ministry responded: “Regarding the reason for the deletion of this tweet, as the media has different interpretations, the Foreign Ministry has asked the representative office in the United States to remind the United States not to cause unnecessary speculation or misunderstanding from all walks of life due to the removal of the related tweet.”

The Ministry also said they didn’t want to upset the relationship between Taiwan and the US, which remains “strong.”


When asked about the deleted post, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki called it an “honest mistake,” adding that the administration remains “committed to our one China policy based on the Taiwan Relations Act.”

Just so you know, the White House’s Asia Coordinator Kurt Campbell stated on Tuesday that the administration does not support “Taiwan independence.”

That means they support the CCP taking them over. Taiwan will go the way of Hong Kong, although Japan has vowed to defend Taiwan.

This week, Japan vowed to defend Taiwan with the United States if China decides to invade the sovereign nation, asserting that “Okinawa could be next.”

With the United States?

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