Chicago schools to give condoms to 10-year-olds, goodbye childhood


Just when you think Chicago and the public schools couldn’t get any more perverse, they think of something else. In the fall, Chicago Public Schools will offer free condoms to students, ages 10 and up.

Along with that, there will be no information about why having sex at age 10 is a bad idea. There will be no morals or religion too.

The CPS Board of Education signed up for this in December, claiming schools must “maintain a condom availability program” for grades 5 and up to protect against “sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV infection, and unintended pregnancy.”

The Chicago Department of Public Health will provide thousands of condoms to 600 CPS schools. Each elementary school will be allotted 250 condoms and high schools will receive 1,000, FOX 32 reported.


Their goal is teaching students “consent and healthy relationships, anatomy and physiology, puberty and adolescent sexual development, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation and identity, sexual health, and interpersonal violence.”

Students will also be supplied with information on accessing abortion, transgender health services, contraceptives, prenatal care, adoption, mental healthcare, and HIV and STI screenings and treatments.

Whoa, so with the condoms, your child will learn healthy means condoms, you can pick a gender, and abortion is healthy too.

According to the report, students Pre-K through 12th grade will also be required to participate in sex education lessons unless parents write a letter to opt out.

Parents should be teaching these things to their children, not the state. The state will gladly take over the job with its ideology.

Will transgender health services include puberty blockers? Our HHS secretary is all for it.

What they will learn is they can change their gender and become basically anything they want. And they should dress accordingly and make people refer to them using crazy pronouns.

Parents should know that their children will learn this and this.

It’s not sane and the children are too young. When you tell children who are coming of age they can change their gender and they’ll be happier, it’s called indoctrination.

By the way, you can’t change your gender, only the appearance of it.

Maybe the schools should concentrate on children learning to read and write. A little ACCURATE US history and science wouldn’t hurt.

The alarming news from the Chicago Public Schools, as reported by Nader Issa of the Sun-Times, is that kids are failing classes more and attending school less, especially high school students.

Elementary students are receiving “F” grades at double the rate of last year. Black and Latino students are receiving significantly more “F” grades. High school attendance has declined by 4.3%, and elementary school attendance is down by 0.9%.

That doesn’t include the children who fall asleep or play games during lessons.

The Teacher’s Union refused to open the schools.


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2 years ago

Chicongo should be one of the first cities to be turned into a reservation. The White Man needs to grow back some stones and take his Nation back, by any means necessary. Cordon off the cities and let the Indigenes feast on each other.

Van Helsing
Van Helsing
2 years ago

Whatever you can come up with, they will take it as challenge accepted.
These aren’t gracious ones these fellow travelers.
They want you demoralized and depressed, despondent over the vultures and termites eating away at the foundations of the republic.
Don’t get alarmed when the flag is changed, when the English language is banished as hate crime, when you have to house some replacements in your empty nest, when the Department of Agriculture jeep pulls up with a .50 cal in your face, do not show one bit of fear for when you are like this it scares them!
Remember these are Satanic true believer disciples of the 19th century German RAT BUM POS comrade Karl.

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

As disgusting as what Chicago’s and other schools are doing I just have to ask, are these condoms made special for the obviously smaller size anatomy? Otherwise they will fall off.

Noah Was A Knower
Noah Was A Knower
2 years ago

The wrath cup will soon be splashing on Chiquitastan.
There are consequences of being the sewer pipe of evil for the world on the verge of a great leap back to the primitive so that inbred elite maggots can enjoy the playground earth with their Satan.