US Virgin Islands AG Fired After Filing Suit Against Chase Over Epstein’s Island


The US Virgin Islands Attorney General was terminated from her post four days after filing a lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase bank for facilitating Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes in the US Virgin Islands.

Attorney General Denise George was terminated on Saturday after serving four years with the Bryan administration.

This happened right after Joe Biden rolled into town.

According to the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, under Governor Bryan, the island has become a depository of federal funds to the tune of billions of dollars. Bryan has been asking for more money and more investment in the island.

Biden’s good at getting rid of AGs, as we know – remember Ukraine.

Denise George

Days before, Bloomberg News revealed Ms. George had filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase — the largest bank in the United States and the world’s largest bank by market capitalization — without first informing Governor Bryan of such a major action.

The lawsuit claims JPMorgan Chase facilitated convicted felon Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse of women and girls. The lawsuit alleges that the bank should have known about Epstein’s illegal activity as part of its anti-money laundering procedures.

George accused the bank of turning a blind eye to the sex trafficking operations that went on at Epstein’s private island in the USVI, Little St. James.

JP Morgan, as of Thursday, had not yet commented on the lawsuit, however, reports from a source to the Guardian newspaper are that the disgraced financier’s relationship with the bank ended “long before his ongoing misconduct became known.”

The Virgin Islands Daily News reported that George had filed a lawsuit against Epstein’s estate five months following his 2019 death in a New York correctional facility. She previously mentioned her intentions to assist Epstein’s victims in the Virgin Islands.

Government House Communications Director Richard Motta Jr. said Carol Thomas-Jacobs was appointed to fulfill George’s role. Bryan issued a statement regarding George’s termination, but it did not provide a reason.

According to the local St. Thomas Source newspaper reporting on Jeffrey Epstein, “His primary residence was Little St. James, his private island off St. Thomas where for years he trafficked in girls and young women and ran a complex web of shell companies registered in the USVI that enabled his crimes, those court documents allege.”

It’s likely everyone knew, including JPMorgan Chase.

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