USA Has No Room for Identity Politics, Only Unity


There is no place in the United States for identity politics, the mantra of the new Democrat Party. It divides us and breeds hate. We all need to come together and that is what happened yesterday at the White House.

On Friday, when the name of the mail bomber was released, people likely missed this wonderful coming together of Americans – black and white – at the White House.

The far-left claim they want love not hate but their actions prove the opposite is true.

The one thing that this divisive ideology has done is to breed more hate. The core problem is the hatred generated by all these protected classes combined with racism being leveled at all whites and all Christians day in and day out.

Stereotyping all whites, all Christians, all Jews, all blacks, all gays, or anyone is evil.

There is only one party talking of unity.

The left would love it if the President couldn’t say a word against the media and some of these Democrats so they would be free to torch him without resistance. That’s what they did to George Bush. Sometimes Trump contributes to his own problems, but all he has ever asked from the media is fairness and honesty. He’s not getting it. The media has become hate-filled ideologues and activists for the far-left.

Political correctness partners with identity politics to silence opposition. That has to go too.

Yesterday the President spoke of the mail bomber briefly but the event was about young black conservative or Republican leaders. It was terrific. This is what America is supposed to be about.



Spreading hate and stereotyping white Christians does no one any good.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

The Left has a history of being divisive, race based, and only believes in Balkanizing America to create a Socialist/Communist country.