USA Is Canceling God But the State Is Ready to Step Up


The US is on the way to canceling God and the current replacement is the State. At least, the Left – now embracing far-left ideology – is hoping that is what will happen.

Church, where too many pews are empty

The number of Americans who believe in God has dropped to the lowest level in the 78 years Gallup has asked the question, per a Gallup poll out Friday, Axios reports.

Only 81% of U.S. adults say they believe in God — down 6 points from 2017.

Belief in God dropped the most among young adults, liberals, and Democrats, with these groups showing a drop of 10 or more percentage points compared to an average of polls from 2013 to 2017, Gallup found.

More than 90% of Americans believed in God between 1944 and 2011.

Canceling God on the Left

Only 72% of Democrats believe in God compared to 92% of Republicans. While 94% of conservatives aren’t canceling God, the number canceling God widens among liberals and youth. Only 62% of liberals and 68% of young people believe in God.

Belief in God is highest among political conservatives, with 94% saying they believe in God, and Republicans, with 92% saying so.

The South was the highest with 86% professing belief in God, though that number had dropped seven points from 2013 to 2017 when it stood at 93%. The region canceling God the most was the East.

Those who were married, as well as those without college degrees, were more likely to believe in God than those who were not married or with college degrees.

As belief in God declines, much to the joy of the hard-left who see God as competition, church attendance is down.

A previous Gallup report put out in December showed that from roughly 2010 to 2020, those who said that they had been to church in the past week fell from 40% to 29%. The report showed a peak in the 1950s and 1960s when nearly half of those surveyed said that they had been to church in the last week.

A Gallup poll released last week found just 47% of Americans reported belonging to a house of worship, down from 50% in 2018 and 70% as recently as 1999.

The shift away from organized religion is a 21st-century phenomenon. U.S. religious membership was 73% when Gallup first measured it in 1937 and stayed above 70% for the next six decades.

The shift in youth has a lot to do with media and education.


We’re becoming secular, with a hedonistic belief system as we are canceling God.

The Left has a new religion waiting for us – the State. That’s where you pay all your money in taxes and the State doles some of it back to you. They pick winners and losers in all things.

The State religion has other offerings: abortion to the moment of birth and perhaps after; public transportation in lieu of affordable cars and plane fares; hate-America instruction via CRT and 1619; open borders so the nation loses its identity and two-party system; wars on a dime; sexualized entertainment for young children; bizarre genderism, Soviet-style tribunals, and no Bill of Rights too.

Free speech, the right to self-defense, privacy, and ownership of private property will soon be a thing of the past. We’re becoming earth worshippers instead.

People don’t have to believe in God to avoid the new State religion, but it helps. People need to believe in something worth dying for.

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