Uzbek Nationals Came Into the US with an ISIS Trafficker


The Biden administration allowed more than a dozen Uzbek nationals into the US after seeking asylum at the southern border. The FBI, busy hunting down Republicans, finally realized the illegal crossers traveled with the help of an ISIS-linked trafficker, according to a report on Tuesday.

National Security Council spokesman Adrienne Watson told CNN they are trying to find them and assess the risk.

How about they close the border?

They’ve been here since earlier this year. At least one of the missing Uzbeks has ties to ISIS. Uzbek is a very dangerous place due to Islamic fundamentalist terrorism.

Shocker! Who would think our enemies would exploit our open border with unvetted entrance into the country?

According to CNN, President Joe Biden’s top Cabinet officials received an urgent classified intelligence report in their daily briefing books on this grave matter.

The FBI said there is no known plot at this time, which means nothing.

CNN reported that nothing in any of the intelligence community’s databases raised any red flags, and they were all released into the US pending a court appearance.

Not vetting people from all over the world should raise red flags. The New York Post says the DHS claims they are vetting.

According to the Post report, officials said the unnamed ISIS smuggler is aiding the bureau’s investigation.

Ever since, Homeland Security has been detaining, vetting, and ultimately expediting the deportation of migrants who “fit the profile associated with individuals who were facilitated by this network,” National Security Council spokesman Adrienne Watson said, and the Post reported.

When did they start vetting, and do they only look for terrorists?

Why was the ISIS smuggler still successfully smuggling? The so-called vetting is lacking. Much of the crime we see in cities is committed by illegal aliens. They weren’t vetted very well.

Maybe they were sent. Maybe what is happening abroad will happen here.

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