VDH: Biden’s “the Most Dangerously Radical President in US History”


American historian and classicist Victor Davis Hanson called Joe Biden “the most dangerously radical President in US history.” However, Hanson is somewhat optimistic because, while stressed and strained, “the institutions haven’t broken yet.” That has “brought some stability”, he says.

[The Left is working on destroying the institutions with their dupe in the White House]

Basically, VDH outlined the state we are in. He calls Joe Biden the most dangerously radical president and then proves what he says is true.

He said that Biden made “a Faustian bargain with the left that he has a veneer of FDR,” the new deal, he tried to pack the court. On every aspect, the judicial appointments, open borders with two million people coming in 11 months, the skedaddle from Afghanistan, the deliberate printing of money, a two trillion dollar deficit, a 30 trillion dollar national debt, the mandates, all of that is new. It’s a level of radicalism we haven’t seen…from a president.

He blew up our energy sector and the lower prices, producing two to three million barrels less. We’re subsidizing wind and solar as we’ve never done. Gasoline has doubled and natural gas has more than doubled. That’s taken an enormous hit and so when you look at inflation that we have not had in 40 years, and it’s going up like we’ve never seen, supply chain disruptions…

Hanson said he flew over LA and never saw so many ships in the horizon without any presidential action. We’ve also never had two million people cross illegally in this short period of time and it’s time to change the electorate.

They don’t like democracy, he says.

The administration is demonizing our enemy, Russia, which would be okay except the US is “talking loudly with a twig.” Complicating that is nations no longer believe that being a member of NATO means anything.

China is stealing our patents, copyrights, manipulating their currency, while here in the US, we worry about sounding racist or xenophobic and do nothing.

Then there is redistricting to break up Republican districts.

Abortion on demand, transgenderism in schools, rising crime, military engagements when you’re facing existential enemies…we face a dying citizen and a country run by unelected bureaucrats.

They’re romanticizing the poor and pushing white supremacy and racism and white privilege but then send their kids to Cal Tech. The only rubric you can cut is white males.

Christianity is dying in Western nations along with the cultural, agricultural, and energy fabric.

This isn’t an upper, for sure, but it’s true:




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