Venezuela Officially Becomes a Dictatorship by Force


Venezuela’s President/Dictator Nicolás Maduro orchestrated a coup of the legislature this weekend. The legislature was the last bastion of power for the people.

Juan Guaidó, who was the speaker, challenged Maduro’s election victory in May of 2018, claiming fraud and vote-buying. The U.S. and 60 other countries recognized him as the lawful president.

Maduro has responded by putting his minion in place of Guaidó.

According to the Washington Post, he fully dismantled the rule of law.

“Today, they dismantled the rule of law, assassinating the republic, with the complicity of a group of traitor lawmakers,” Guaidó told reporters outside the parliamentary building.

As Guaidó, expecting to be re-elected as speaker of the National Assembly, attempted to enter the assembly building, he was blocked by riot police. At one point, he tried to climb the spiked fence.

Maduro installed a replacement for Guaidó, a man he bribed named, Luis Parra, who announced his candidacy by surprise. It was all handled in advance. Parra is supported by Maduro’s party. Allegedly, there was a vote to put Parra in place, but there is no evidence of it.

After blocking him from entering, the Maduro minions claimed Guaidó lost out because he was late.

That is unbelievable!

How Guaidó will keep his international support or where he will meet with his supporters is unclear.

The only way Maduro is leaving is by force, but no one will do it.

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