Victim’s Father Bawls Out Gun-Obsessed Hack Chris Wallace


Chris Wallace made his show about gun control and victim Meadow Pollack’s father took Chris Wallace to task for it. He told him he was doing it for ratings and it’s not about gun control right now, it’s about making the schools safe for our children.

Wallace knows there are many other issues that need to be considered first to keep the children safe.

“It’s not going to be fixed because I just heard what you said. What you are focusing on, polarizing this event, the murder of these kids. You are talking about gun control. I just had to listen to you and Governor Scott talk about gun control.

Gun control is a big issue. No one in America is going to gun together on gun control, Chris. We’re here — you didn’t say one thing about fixing it. The American people, we could get together on school safety, but when you polarize it, this event and every other media, we don’t care about gun control right now. That’s a big issue in the country and you are not going to get everyone together on it.

But we are going to get everyone together on fixing our schools and I just listen to you. So, I just listen to you. You didn’t talk — you didn’t mention one question to Governor Scott about what are we going to do about the security of our children? How are we going to do that?

But you are just talking about gun control, which is going to just give you more ratings and every other media or event. My daughter is dead, I want to know our kids are going to school in Kentucky on Monday, how are those kids safe? How about bringing that up to the media? How about bringing that up to Governor Scott?

Not about guns. It’s not about guns now. Today, it’s not about guns. It’s about the safety in our schools.

And that’s what you ask Governor Scott about and I got to listen to that at my house. My kid is not here because the schools weren’t safe, that’s the main thing. If you go into a courthouse, the judge is safe. The stenographer is not worried someone is coming in with a gun because they can’t get in with a gun.

The American people, we just want our school safe. We don’t want to talk about guns right now.”


  1. The news media in general and the news anchors in particular have no form of fairness and honesty in mind when determining what gets broadcast from their stations or printed in their publications. They are out to sell ads and increase their viewing audiences and subscriber lists. The determination of alternate viable solutions to problems is not their top priority. They are focused on PROFITS.

    This is recently evidenced by despicable CNN offering an open forum to the Florida school shooting survivors and then insisting that they ask scripted questions designed to promote CNN’s own narrative.

    There is only semblance of integrity and honesty within the MSM. It fools a lot of people.

    noun: semblance; plural noun: semblances

    the outward appearance or apparent form of something, especially when the reality is different.

  2. At the start when I heard Wallace’s hollow platitudes of “sorry” I found it disgusting. This was One Time and One Person that Wallace had NO alternative other than sit there and be quiet and listen. This is where Dana Loesch is right in saying it’s all about ratings. Notice in dramatic events as this it is ALWAYS the same people with the same rhetoric that gets rehashed day in and day out.

    How poignant when he says “I got to listen to that, at MY house”. After Mr. Pollack ended that the response from Wallace was despicable. He basically brushed it aside saying I ‘respect’ what you have to say, and then went to the young girl.

    Do we ever see reports on how other schools have strengthened theirs. No. It’s always the same and that is why Mr. Pollack’s outrage is so important. Wallace basically goes to the girl to comment on what the Governor said. Wallace “could” have redeemed himself if he would have agreed on securing schools and actually made a statement to get the experts as Mr. Pollack suggested. What it boils down to is what he said, “focus”.

  3. Mr Pollack is right on target with these media idiots, its about ratings, CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota asked NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch why she said “many in legacy media love mass shootings.” Dana’s response, RATINGS, you in the media always jump to gun control every time these shootings happen, its never about protecting schools, or where ever this happens,or the mental nutjob that did it, its a perfect opportunity to advance the lefts agenda to blame the guns, ban this, ban that, NRA, Politicians do nothing, I guarantee that FoxNews and CNN have armed guards at the entrance to their studios!!!!!

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