Victor Davis Hanson and the Dumb Kids in Ivy Leagues


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In a conversation on The Watchman, VDH discussed some of the points he makes in his new book, The End of Everything. When they talked about the protests and riots on college campuses, he torched the Ivies that he no longer sees as exceptional.

They’re antisemitic:

“One, I think we’ve dispelled the liberal myth that there was a difference between anti-Semitism and being anti-Israel. They don’t make a difference. When they [chase] Jews into the Cooper Union library, they don’t ask them whether they support Israel.

“When they rough up Jews or bar them from going where they need to go … on these major elite campuses, they don’t ask for their political sympathies. So that’s one thing, and let’s get rid of the other kind of exaggeration or lie that we’re just powerless pro-Palestinians; we’re not pro-terrorists; we’re not pro-Hamas. They’re flying Hamas flags. They openly cheer on Hamas; they make no apologies for that.”

The Unimpressive Ivy League Students:

They’re not always admitting the best into these “elite” colleges — it drags down the quality of the lessons.  The students protesting know nothing and suffer from a serious lack of curiosity.

“I don’t think these universities are elite anymore,” VDH said. “For the last three or four years, following George Floyd, they abolished the SAT score and the comparative ranking of GPA high school GPA for admission. A lot of these students, according to this university’s [Stanford] prior standards, which they had assured us for decades were essential for their own prestige and preeminence, are not qualified.

“So they’re either giving all ‘As’ like Yale University, it was 80%, at Stanford about 65% where I work, or they watered down courses so a lot of these students, when they’re interviewed, you know, ‘what is the river to the sea,’ what’s the river? what’s the sea? what does 1947-48 mean? what is Transjordan? All of these issues that they yell and scream about, they don’t know anything. So, I think people are coming away with saying these students are very unimpressive.

“If I were to hire them, they would go straight to human resources and complain. They don’t have analytical or computational skills and so, I’m not saying it’s all the students…”

“And then finally, I think people finally understand there is no dichotomy in the democratic party between a radical squad or BLM or antifa or radical greens or the Middle Eastern radicals. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, they’re pretty much joined at the hip.”

When I questioned the students at Occupy Wall Street, they didn’t seem to know much and would argue without knowing what they were talking about. Despite that, they had a real sense of entitlement.

VDH also talked about the inevitable annihilation if we don’t change course.


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