Victor Davis Hanson Discusses “Monarch” Fauci


As Historian Victor Davis Hanson says in this clip, the pandemic is a “gift to the Left.” It was immediately weaponized — successfully.

He refers to Dr. Anthony Fauci as a “monarch,” saying he “has legislative, judicial, executive power all in one.” Fauci and Biden are “mad, thinking they weren’t treated right, but they didn’t treat the American people right,” he continued.

Fauci wouldn’t talk about the damage the lockdown was causing and wouldn’t talk about natural immunity. He couldn’t compare red and blue states and have an honest discussion about them, VDH says.

They “jumped the shark”, he continued, when they first said they wouldn’t get a vaccine of Trump was involved in it and then said they wanted everyone to get their vaccine. Biden even lied and said no one was vaccinated until he came into power when, in fact, 17 million were.

Now we are mandating 4 million get vaccinated but foreigners coming in illegally — 2 million of them — don’t have to get vaccinated, VDH pointed out.

And as VDH says, Fauci claimed Trump supporters weren’t getting vaccinated but it turned out minorities were not. He weaponized it. Almost all of the information he has given was wrong.


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