Video of police letting protesters [abused in prison] into Capitol on 1-6


Some protesters were violent during the January 6th riot in the Capitol and some vandalized. They deserve punishment equal to their crimes. Most of the more than 400 arrested were charged with trespassing. No one has been charged with sedition.

In a number of cases, police waved the angry protesters into the Capitol so one must wonder how they get charged with trespassing.

In one case, a clip now removed from Twitter, shows Leftist John Sullivan and CNN reporter Jade Sacker inside the U.S. Capitol celebrating after they allegedly infiltrated Trump supporters. Sullivan and Sacker incited the riot, exclaiming, “We did it!” They told others to come in.

“You’re not filming this are you?” asks the CNN reporter.

“I’ll delete that shit,” a man says.

Sullivan and Sacker seem to be happy about this so-called “insurrection” in the clip, laughing, smiling, and encouraging more to come in.

Sullivan was charged but the reporter can’t be.

The clip is probably available on the videos linked below.

Oddly, the FBI has a lot of videos they will not release, not even to defense attorneys. We have some of the newly uncovered videos below.


The Jayden X videos of John Sullivan, a radical leftist, were filmed with the help of the CNN reporter. We imagine he was somewhat selective but if you go to the link, you can see the raw footage and decide for yourself. The mega file also includes other live streams and videos. You might have to watch some on Chrome due to the size of the files.


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