Biden admin is using media to target Republicans they want to punish


Author J. Peder Zane wrote in Peddlers of Russiagate Won’t Take Truth for an Answer: “Working from the same playbook used to smear dozens of Trump associates, the administration and its allies are planting stories based on blind quotes in friendly media outlets to seek revenge.”

Zane gives examples.

On April 16, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius reported that the Justice Department is investigating Kash Patel – who had worked with Rep. Devin Nunes and later the Trump administration to reveal the Russiagate hoax – for the “possible improper disclosure of classified information,” Zane writes.

Ignatius got it from anonymous sources and can’t give any detailed information. How convenient is that? How unethical and Laverntiy Beria-ish.

Zane gives another example: Trump’s former lawyer Rudolph Giuliani is also in the “cross hairs of a federal criminal investigation,” according to an April 29 article in New York Times that relied on “people with knowledge of the matter.”

The NY Times then presents a ‘what if’ scenario. In other words, they are conspiracy theorists.

Who the hay are these anonymous people and why should we believe them or anything in the Times who gave us Russiagate conspiracy theories? It’s not even worth saying, we don’t know if Giuliani’s guilty. There is no meat in that hash.

A third example of the Biden administration’s effort to punish Russiagate figures is its renewed effort to put former Manafort associate Konstantin V. Kilimnik behind bars.

There’s no evidence and the targets don’t get due process, but hay, it destroys them, right? It’s not only revenge they seek, they also want to scare off the Right from resisting them in any way.


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