Violent mob breaks into a police station, one assaults a cop with a club


As outrageous as this next event is, the media refuses to cover it. A mob protesting the Daunte Wright shooting broke into the Columbus, Ohio police headquarters. One ‘protester’ assaulted an officer with a wooden club.

The police had to pepper spray the mob as they poured in.

They identified as Black Lives Matter.

Columbus police said about 50 protesters forced their way through locked doors at the headquarters. One man is accused of assaulting an officer with a wooden club. There was one arrest so far and police are examining the video to find other trespassers.

According to reports, they were peaceful until they reached headquarters.

Here’s the man who assaulted the officer:

The media is ignoring this outrageous assault except for News 10 and The Gateway Pundit. The media is pathetic.

Americans seem to be indifferent to assaults, particularly those affecting police, and that’s not good. It’s not something we should get used to, and it will get worse.



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