Violent woman who attacked Trump supporters in DC is a journalism student


A journalism student, 29-year-old Brittany McAlister, was beating, stomping, and sucker-punching Trump supporters at the Maga March in D.C. last Saturday. She’ll be perfect for CNN or MSNBC, the Antifa-BLM-supporters.

McAlister of Washington, DC, was caught on viral video assaulting at least two individuals. She is a third-year journalism student at Howard University and works as a freelance journalist, Andy Ngo reported.

Will Howard expel her?

She appears to have a tendency towards violence.

McAlister went up behind a woman and punched her. How cowardly she is.

McAlister kicked an unconscious man on the ground after he was sucker-punched by Kenneth Wayne DeBerry, who was arrested and charged. She filming at the time.

Earlier in the day, far-left group Refuse Fascism profiled the D.C. social-justice activist in a now-deleted tweet. McAlister gave a speech against Trump and his followers at Black Lives Matter Plaza.

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